showtime-a1‘More pineapple?” offers the husband as he hands me another cup of Raspberry Leaf tea. Breakfast in bed, always a treat. Except now I’m entering day four passed my due date and getting a little impatient for Baby Parsons to arrive. While last night’s spicy curry is still giving me heartburn, the little one seems pretty happy to stay curled up in his/her cosy nest. Perhaps all the yoga has chilled it out so much, they are no hurry to make an appearance! 

Now, while I know the old due date should really be abolished in favour of the ‘arrival window,’ it is hard not to feel a little anxious once the day comes and goes. As irrational as I know it is, the mind still quietly probes: “Maybe they’ll never come out! Cheryl Parsons – the longest pregnancy in history.”

Dutifully, the husband takes me out for a slow waddle to the lake this morning in another effort to jostle baby into action. This is followed by my daily swim, watched by the nervous lifeguard, who has already informed me his first aid training doesn’t cover people in my ‘condition.’ The afternoon is reserved for a little yoga practice, something that has been pivotal in helping me calm the swell of anxious thoughts throughout my entire pregnancy, but even more so now as each day ticks by.

If ever there was a test of my yoga and the art of staying in the present, then this is definitely it. All the signs that Baby Parsons is on his/her way are already happening, from the urge to polish every stainless steel appliance to the daily practice cramps and twinges. I know I just have to let Mother Nature take her course. For now, we are enjoying our time as two together, while the husband is ever so quietly thanking baby for allowing him to watch the final of the golf Open Championship…

Any day now!

“All the time we wondered and wondered, who is this person coming/growing/turning/floating/swimming deep, deep inside…”
(Crescent Dragonwagon – children’s author)

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