One on one yoga sessions are tailored to your specific needs and conducted in the privacy of your own home. They are helpful if you:

  • are a newcomer to yoga
  • are recovering from an injury .eg. knees, lower back, neck
  • are suffering from health concerns .eg. arthritis, high blood pressure, stress
  • want to work on a specific physical goal .eg. tight hamstrings, weak knees or lower back, core
  • want to take your regular practice of yoga to the next level

You might want to keep the practice for yourself, or share the session with a friend or two.

Rates per 60 minute private session*

1 person: DHS 400
2 people: DHS 500 (250 per person)

Package Rates: (1 person) 

10 sessions: DHS 3500*

*Please note, I am traveling from the Springs, so requests for privates beyond Jumeirah 3 will incur an extra charge to compensate for additional travel time / petrol 🙂

All you need is space in your home or garden. Equipment, including yoga mats, blocks and belts can all be provided.

Email me at for more details

*Notice of cancellation must be given within 24 hours unless under special circumstances.