I teach a variety of class styles, from Hatha Flow and Vinyasa, to Prenatal and Kids Yoga. At the moment, I’m readjusting to a new life in the USA, so keep checking in for updates on future classes!

Mini Yogis

These fun, active sessions are a great way to get your child familiar with yoga and mindfulness from an early age, through specially tailored yoga games and classes. I have been teaching yoga to children from 3 years onwards for over 4 years, and it never fails to amaze me how much they enjoy and respond to the practice! Expect plenty of laughter, tumbles, fun, chaos and quiet time. Email me today about starting a class in your studio or home space.

Class Testimonials

I leave Cheryl’s classes feeling refreshed, restored and revitalized! Her soothing voice, beautiful flows and sense of humor makes her classes an absolute pleasure to attend! I would recommend Cheryl’s classes to anybody who is facing life challenges as you walk out feeling fueled up and at peace with dealing whatever it is you need to! A wonderful, wonderful teacher who is a great inspiration to me!!!

– Lindy Dreyer

Cheryl is a fun, gentle and inspirational teacher. Her classes are challenging without being too intimidating. She caters well to the different levels of yogis within her classes. The classes are always varied and well thought out and she approaches them with a refreshing sense of humour. My favourite yoga teacher!

– Maree Kimber

I have been taught in class by Cheryl for the last 7 years. She started off great and has just got better and better. Her classes flow and have meaning because she teaches in an honest and human way. As her experience in yoga becomes richer either as a teacher, student or mom she brings that in her teachings of yoga. She teaches in away that is real for everyday people who can’t run off to a retreat for 6 months at a time. That’s why I go back again and again to her classes.

– Natalie Kennefick

Cheryl is a wonderful yoga instructor. Every time I come out of her class I gain something new – a new perspective on life (from something she’s read or said), a new way to approach an asana, or a new awareness of my mind/body. Cheryl creates interesting and varied yoga sequences, she has a very calming and honest energy and she always manages to create a wonderful community of yogis whichever class she teaches. She is also a very thought-provoking yoga journalist. I highly recommend taking her class and reading her writing.

– Anna Batchelder