Big Belly Salute!

Countdown…39 weeks, 5 days. Only 2 days until my due date! If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I’ve been keeping up my yoga practice, adapting it of course for my growing belly!

Before mini Parsons comes into the world, I wanted to share with you a pre-natal sun salutation that I have been using throughout my pregnancy. A big thank you to Jennifer Wolfe and her pre-natal teacher training for her inspiration and guidance.

Some things to remember while you flow…

1. Listen to your body…if it doesn’t feel good or right, then don’t do it!
2. Always keep your feet hip width apart or wider to accommodate your growing hips and belly. When stepping back or forward, hands should be inside the feet
3. As you fold forward, keep your head lifted to avoid feeling dizzy – rest immediately if you do. As your pregnancy progresses and your baby gets bigger, you may not fold as far…that’s ok!
4. During pregnancy our body releases the hormone, relaxin, which physically loosens our joints. It is important not too push or overstretch during this time. Respect your body and the work it is doing!
5. Downward Dog has felt fantastic for me throughout my whole pregnancy, but this is not always the case for everyone. If you have high blood pressure, back ache or anything else that means it does not feel good, then switch your dog for child’s pose instead
6. Never leave yourself feeling breathless, rest whenever you feel the need

This little variation of the regular surya namaskar is recommended for those of you who already have a regular yoga practice. Always check with your teacher before practicing if you are not sure…

Namaste from me and mini Parsons!

Music – DEVAKI by Karnamrita Das from the album Putumayo Presents – Yoga

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3 Responses to : Big Belly Salute!

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  2. Selene says:

    With all of mine but my last ( he was an emergency c seioctn ) I lost all me pregnancy weight gain within a few weeks ( I breast fed though which they say makes a big difference ) I was back in pre pregnancy clothes within a month and that was without squeezing into them.I am not an overweight person but have big bone structure I am normally a size 10 ladies in Aus sizes.Everyone is different though so dont stress after my last I never went back but dont know if that was because I had a c seioctn #

    • Cheryl Parsons says:

      Thanks for reading Selene! My baby is now three months old and the weight is gradually coming down. Just need to be kind to ourselves!

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