The Final Frontier

It was a strange feeling to get up today and not pull on my yoga gear to head out to teach my usual vinyasa class. With last Friday marking my final day of teaching for some months, the reality of what lies ahead is really starting to dawn. Next week I fly home at 34 weeks pregnant to get ready to nest down and wait for baby number 2 (gender of which is currently unknown!)

The decision to have the bean back in Ireland is as much to avoid the feeling of being caged in with an energetic toddler desperate to run around a 48 degree celcius garden, as it is to have the wonderful hands on support of grannies and grandpas! That and the fact that my big sister who also lives back home is due her second baby exactly a week before me! Yes, it is set to be a very eventful summer.

final frontier 3

So as my students lay in that last savasana on Friday, I felt mixed emotions. Apprehension, sadness, excitement, readiness. Sad at leaving this part of my life for a while – emotional about not teaching my classes for the coming months. I am ever grateful for the support of everyone on the mat, from the shared parenting tips to the second, third, fourth – and even fifth – time around mummy stories!

Am I also ready to get back on the crazy new mother go-round again? I think so. This time I feel somewhat more prepared for what is to come; armed with the knowledge that it definitely won’t be like the parenting books I read way too much of when Molly was born. And when I look at my daughter now I can see first hand that we are doing a good job, despite sometimes feeling completely overwhelmed. The smiles, the laughs, heck – even the tantrums – are all testament to the fact she’s a healthy, spirited little girl.

Yes, here we go again! The final frontier. The birth, the sleepless nights, endless nappy changes, the frenzy of feeding, the newness, the helplessness, the total miracle of watching a small being change week to week. The crazy, scary rollercoaster of new parenting. This is where the real yoga begins. Watch this space, I’ll keep you all posted!

final frontier 2

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