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Busy Bee

In a world of multi-tasking mayhem, mother and yoga instructor Cheryl Parsons asks, have we become too busy being busy?

I bumped into a friend in Starbucks recently and together we lamented over our endless chore list. “Yes, I am just sooooo busy these days,” I cried as we swapped ‘life is too hectic’ tales across our open laptops. Both of us were trying to squeeze in a flurry of emails before we powered down and headed to my yoga class. It was barely 8.15am, but we had already gotten ourselves tied up in a tizzy of ‘to dos.’ Continue Reading


Sunshiny East Meets Snowy West

As Dubai’s temperatures continue to rise, along with the notion of cranking up the AC again, the thought of freezing climates probably seem far off the radar. For Lisa, however, that’s the reality she’s been dealing with for the past few months. While in the Middle East, Dubai yogis roll out their mats on the beach or in the park, Lisa shares her insight into what winter across in the snowy Midwest has taught her about her practice… 

Spring is just around the corner. I’m sure of it. I saw a robin yesterday, and she told me so. But here in Kansas City, where I’m currently living, we’ve had a tough go of winter with big snows and near-Arctic temperatures; it snowed again just yesterday! Continue Reading


Big Belly Salute!

Countdown…39 weeks, 5 days. Only 2 days until my due date! If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I’ve been keeping up my yoga practice, adapting it of course for my growing belly! 

Before mini Parsons comes into the world, I wanted to share with you a pre-natal sun salutation that I have been using throughout my pregnancy. A big thank you to Jennifer Wolfe and her pre-natal teacher training for her inspiration and guidance. Continue Reading


Saving face with Snowberry

Throughout my ‘youth’ (ok, so I’m only 31), I’ve been blessed with a peaches and cream complexion. I was one of those annoying people who could pretty much wash my face with soap and water and still stay spotless. Besides the addition of a few wrinkles, I sailed into my twenties with next to no skin problems, right up until I started growing a mini Parsons in my belly. Enter the first trimester…and cue dry skin patches, red lumps, a somewhat ghostly palour (from all my morning sickness) and a handful more wrinkles to boot.

Then one day one of my yoga students came to my rescue and handed me a little parcel, complete with a selection of samples from a funky new skincare brand called Snowberry. I wanted to break a little tradition in my blogs this week, and share with you a bit about this cute range, as I think it’s about as yogic as a skincare brand can get. It has also really helped me get my skin back on track, and into that ‘blooming’ stage of the second trimester. Continue Reading


Back to the future?

If the mind were a theatre of the future, I’d have front row tickets. Heck, as a seasoned visitor, they’d give me the VIP box.

Forget the past, it’s the future I’m finding myself wrapped in…from the virtually decorated nursery to my baby’s first steps. I am not saying we should not feel free to dream about what lies ahead. But when it starts consume the majority of this moment, it can become a bit of a headache! Continue Reading


Reigning in the horses

When it comes to the common list of the world’s top ten most stressful things, I realized that I am on my way to ticking off two of those culprits. Not only is the kidney bean in my belly now en route to becoming a large bell pepper, we are also in the process of trying to sell our home and buy a new one. Between pregnancy and houses, if you could look inside my head right now it would probably resemble the picture on the right… 

For the last few weeks, I don’t think I have had a split nano second between my thoughts, let alone a full moment spent in the present. (The present? Sorry, can’t be there right now, too much to plan!) The wild horses of my mind have literally busted out of the fields and are running amuck…how the hell do I reign the beasts in? Continue Reading


Peking Duck

I was teaching a Vinyasa class a while ago and building up to one of our peak poses, Bird of Paradise (check out my pregnant one pictured…probably won’t be busting that one out in a few weeks!) If you are blessed with flexible hamstrings and open shoulders then you are probably up for the challenge, otherwise this is one bird that might not even get off the ground.

So what do you do when you can’t get there? Criticise yourself? Give up? Silently curse your extra bendy neighbour? Why not take a leaf out of one of my student’s books and have a laugh trying, find your own edge, and give it your own label…in his case, Peking Duck! Despite being surrounded by females, this well-built guy is never afraid to accept where he is at in his yoga practice, and his level of Bird of Paradise, self titled Peking Duck, is the perfect example! It is also a great reminder that right we are now is right where we need to be. Continue Reading


Yoga Mama

yogaMama-a1Take one Mac Book Pro, mix in one drinking yoghurt and what have you got? A recipe for disaster to the tune of about 700 quids worth of damage (almost the cost of this new one that I gingerly type on now, liquids well out of arm’s reach.) Yes, this is just one of the things that has happened to me over the last two months (the flying lasagne is another story). Happily, though, you won’t find me crying over spilt yoghurt. The reason? I am 14 weeks pregnant, and frankly, life is pretty good! 

I’ve known I was pregnant from about 4 weeks in and every day since finding that plus sign on the stick has been a journey. Even from this very early stage, I was amazed at how I could feel the subtle changes in my body…the ache of a couple of things upfront getting a little larger, the strange tightness in my lower belly, the roller coaster of emotions, the pregnancy clumsiness and the constant urge to pee! Then week six kicks in and I wake up feeling like I am on the Titanic. The ever-present nausea takes centre stage, ramping its way up as the weeks progress, and generally making life miserable. Continue Reading