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Easy almond milk

Have you noticed everyone seems to be either making or thinking about making almond milk these days? I’ve been meaning to try it for a while, as we often spend a small fortune on it, but I never had one of those trendy nut ‘mylk’ bag thingys to squeeze it all through. Finally a friend suggested I use a baby muslin cloth. Now those I have. In abundance. So finally, I made my own, and it was so much less of the faff than I thought it would be.  Continue Reading


Spring Cleanse

With the onset of spring comes warmer weather, sunnier skies and a yearning to bring that open airy feeling inside. Not just inside our homes but in our bodies as well. We spring clean our homes, so why not spring clean our bodies? Lisa offers an easy plan…

Detoxing is so trendy right now. It seems that everyone’s doing some type of “detox” or fad diet. Yet, if we simply move our bodies and eat healthily and moderately, the rest will take care of itself. Easier said than done; I know. So sometimes a little jump-start in the form of a short cleanse can be very helpful to tune up your engine. Let go of the heaviness of winter and get your body and your mind feeling like spring, light and energetic! Continue Reading