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This is your life

I have opened my computer so many times over the past few weeks to write to you, but the words somehow wouldn’t flow. I even googled ‘writer’s block’ to see if that could provide me with any kind of inspiration. Instead it threw up the definition for my ‘creative slowdown’ – a condition that ranges from not being able to come up with new ideas for a few weeks, to not being able to produce anything for years. (Bear with me here, the moral of the tale is coming!)

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Silence is golden

“What are you doing?” I ask the husband who is inserting an ipod headphone into one ear. “Putting some music on so I’m not bored out of my head,” he replies as I settle down for a cat-nap while he navigates the long drive back from Northern Ireland’s North Coast. The husband is referring to the fact that I have developed a dislike for having the car radio on, declaring: “There are just too many levels of noise – toddlers rambling, music blaring and us trying to have a conversation – it’s too much!” In truth, when it comes to the volume button these days, I’ve become a little grumpy.

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Learning to let go

Lisa tells how meditation can help us accept loss…from the inevitable end of a bountiful garden to the unexpected end of a marriage.

Fall is a double-edged sword. Here in the middle of the US we are blessed with crisp days, crystal blue skies and glorious fall leaves. But hand-in-hand with the beauty inevitably comes cold weather, shorter, darker days, and ultimately what always takes me by surprise, the first frost. Continue Reading