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Mama to be salute

Just before I jetted off to Ireland to prepare for the arrival of baby no. 2, I filmed this pre-natal variation of a sun salutation with my bump of 34.5 weeks. I love the simple flow of this – it’s a practice you can even do on its own and will only take a few minutes out of your day.

A few rounds can really help to get the blood flowing and ease pregnancy aches and pains, such as tightness in your hips, lower back, chest and shoulders. It also does wonders to settle the crazy, monkey mind that can often be relentless during pregnancy!

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final frontier main

The Final Frontier

It was a strange feeling to get up today and not pull on my yoga gear to head out to teach my usual vinyasa class. With last Friday marking my final day of teaching for some months, the reality of what lies ahead is really starting to dawn. Next week I fly home at 34 weeks pregnant to get ready to nest down and wait for baby number 2 (gender of which is currently unknown!)

The decision to have the bean back in Ireland is as much to avoid the feeling of being caged in with an energetic toddler desperate to run around a 48 degree celcius garden, as it is to have the wonderful hands on support of grannies and grandpas! That and the fact that my big sister who also lives back home is due her second baby exactly a week before me! Yes, it is set to be a very eventful summer.

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Top 10 Mum Commandments vs Reality

When it comes to the crazy world of motherhood can you recall all the rules that you thought you should stick to that have since fallen by the wayside? Well, one toddler later and another bambino due in June, here’s an (honest) list of my top 10 commandments that didn’t exactly turn out to plan…  Continue Reading


Big Belly Salute!

Countdown…39 weeks, 5 days. Only 2 days until my due date! If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I’ve been keeping up my yoga practice, adapting it of course for my growing belly! 

Before mini Parsons comes into the world, I wanted to share with you a pre-natal sun salutation that I have been using throughout my pregnancy. A big thank you to Jennifer Wolfe and her pre-natal teacher training for her inspiration and guidance. Continue Reading


Yoga Mama

yogaMama-a1Take one Mac Book Pro, mix in one drinking yoghurt and what have you got? A recipe for disaster to the tune of about 700 quids worth of damage (almost the cost of this new one that I gingerly type on now, liquids well out of arm’s reach.) Yes, this is just one of the things that has happened to me over the last two months (the flying lasagne is another story). Happily, though, you won’t find me crying over spilt yoghurt. The reason? I am 14 weeks pregnant, and frankly, life is pretty good! 

I’ve known I was pregnant from about 4 weeks in and every day since finding that plus sign on the stick has been a journey. Even from this very early stage, I was amazed at how I could feel the subtle changes in my body…the ache of a couple of things upfront getting a little larger, the strange tightness in my lower belly, the roller coaster of emotions, the pregnancy clumsiness and the constant urge to pee! Then week six kicks in and I wake up feeling like I am on the Titanic. The ever-present nausea takes centre stage, ramping its way up as the weeks progress, and generally making life miserable. Continue Reading