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The Final Frontier

It was a strange feeling to get up today and not pull on my yoga gear to head out to teach my usual vinyasa class. With last Friday marking my final day of teaching for some months, the reality of what lies ahead is really starting to dawn. Next week I fly home at 34 weeks pregnant to get ready to nest down and wait for baby number 2 (gender of which is currently unknown!)

The decision to have the bean back in Ireland is as much to avoid the feeling of being caged in with an energetic toddler desperate to run around a 48 degree celcius garden, as it is to have the wonderful hands on support of grannies and grandpas! That and the fact that my big sister who also lives back home is due her second baby exactly a week before me! Yes, it is set to be a very eventful summer.

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Busy Bee

In a world of multi-tasking mayhem, mother and yoga instructor Cheryl Parsons asks, have we become too busy being busy?

I bumped into a friend in Starbucks recently and together we lamented over our endless chore list. “Yes, I am just sooooo busy these days,” I cried as we swapped ‘life is too hectic’ tales across our open laptops. Both of us were trying to squeeze in a flurry of emails before we powered down and headed to my yoga class. It was barely 8.15am, but we had already gotten ourselves tied up in a tizzy of ‘to dos.’ Continue Reading