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Cyber Wars

Dear ‘friends.’ I almost unfollowed you today. Perhaps it was your impossible blue sky that got under my skin. Or that perfect beach shot you took, as you dipped your feet in glistening waters in some farflung place. Or your shiny smoothie packed full of ingredients, some of which I’ve never heard of. That killer workout you did with your makeup still intact? Or your glossy hair shimmering in the wind. Or maybe it was that effortlessly chic outfit you’re wearing that pushed me a little to the edge.

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Green Eyes

green-eyesFrom from Cheryl’s Elephant Journal article: “A Post Baby Chat with my former Tight-Bodied Yogi-Self…”

I’ll step into the confessional box and say I’ve been judging my yoga in a big way lately, especially since the birth of my daughter.

Hey you, in your bikini pressing into handstand. Yes, you. Could you come back to earth for a moment?

I’d like a chat.

As I stand wiping weetabix out of my hair I can’t help but feel a pang of envy at your lack of muffin tops, dark circles or toddler-induced exhaustion. You are a small part of the reason why I’ve been feeling out of sorts in my yoga practice.

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