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Practice presence not perfection

Roll up, roll up! Get your fast track to enlightenment right here! 

(Pre requisites: headstand, handstand, forearm stand, proficiency in every yoga arm balance and deep backbend and the ability to touch your toes, preferably with your head on your thighs.)

Gulp. If the path to being a yoga student or teacher were ever to be judged on our physical prowess, many of us would give up before our feet had even graced the mat. Yet over the last decade, the flurry of social media, magazine articles and more have whipped the yoga world into somewhat of a frenzy – rarely a day goes by without something popping up that can either make you feel totally inspired, or let’s face it, downright inadequate. And for those of us who really desire to follow or even teach this wonderful practice, how do we stay committed when the yoga bar seems to be set so high? Continue Reading


Fast forward

fast-forwardIt’s human nature to live life in the fast lane, always rushing full steam ahead! Cheryl asks, what can we do to take a break right here in the present? 

Not so long ago I found myself wishing for a day when I could just lie in bed, read, sleep, drink tea and be downright lazy. Well, they say be careful what you wish for, for indeed my wish did come true – but in the form of a rather nasty throat infection followed by a bout of bronchitis! One night I went to bed feeling ok and the next morning I woke up with the sensation I’d swallowed a drawer of cutlery for breakfast. For days I was on antibiotics and bed rest, and then following a week of recovery and feeling good, I contracted my daughter’s bronchitis and was back to square one again! Continue Reading