Saving face with Snowberry

Throughout my ‘youth’ (ok, so I’m only 31), I’ve been blessed with a peaches and cream complexion. I was one of those annoying people who could pretty much wash my face with soap and water and still stay spotless. Besides the addition of a few wrinkles, I sailed into my twenties with next to no skin problems, right up until I started growing a mini Parsons in my belly. Enter the first trimester…and cue dry skin patches, red lumps, a somewhat ghostly palour (from all my morning sickness) and a handful more wrinkles to boot.

Then one day one of my yoga students came to my rescue and handed me a little parcel, complete with a selection of samples from a funky new skincare brand called Snowberry. I wanted to break a little tradition in my blogs this week, and share with you a bit about this cute range, as I think it’s about as yogic as a skincare brand can get. It has also really helped me get my skin back on track, and into that ‘blooming’ stage of the second trimester.

Born, bred and manufactured solely in New Zealand, and unlike some other big name products, Snowberry is 100% natural – free from harmful ingredients like petrochemicals, alcohol or animal products. It even contains super fruit extracts such as acai, goji, pomegranate and cranberry. It is also certified carbon neutral and made using only sustainably harvestable ingredients, so as well as ‘saving face’ it is doing its bit for the environment – and us yogis have got to love that! Snowberry even has its own bio discovery plantation in New Zealand called the Snowberry Gardens, where 9,000 rain forest plants are cultivated. It is formulated with anti ageing in mind, without being pumped full of synthetic collagen enhancing chemicals. Finally, it comes in really cute, environmentally friendly packaging (and I’m a real sucker for that.)

So, next time you see me glowing, you’ll know part of the reason why…just thought I’d spread the word :0) Check it out at Zen Yoga at Emirates Hills or Dubai Media City, or any of the following outlets:

Milk & Honey, The Palm
Milk & Honey, Meadows Town Centre (opening soon)
Nutrition Zone, Abu Dhabi Marina Mall
Nutrition Zone, Dubai Mall
Nutrition Zone, Ibn Battuta Mall
Nutrition Zone, Jumeirah Town Centre

If you like to shop online, check out Snowberry at and with free delivery within the UAE.

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