Robin Hood

One of the gems about having kids is that sometimes you get to go to things that you would secretly like to check out, but might look strange attending without a child in tow. So when an invite to take the little ones to see Robin Hood at Dubai’s Courtyard Playhouse theatre in Al Quoz popped into my inbox, I thought, yes, this is one of those times. Billed as ‘a magical experience for children, that parents will love too’ – it tells the traditional story of Robin Hood and his merry men – but with a fun, interactive twist. And if this little review could be written by Molly, age 3.5 years, it would be given a big thumbs up!

robin 1

When the compère kicks off the show by asking for volunteers, Molly races up on to the stage without hesitation. When asked if it is right or wrong to steal things (like Robin Hood, who steals from the rich and gives to the poor) Molly quite seriously answers him, “It is naughty. You should never never steal people.”

robin 5

This is indeed the best part about the whole improvised performance – it is completely driven by the children in the audience. They get to help out on stage, answer questions, decide what Robin should do next and ultimately get involved in the battle against the nasty old Sheriff.

robin 3

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the actors, the entire play has great comedy value – just watching your child’s face and listening to the things that they come out with is enough to keep everyone entertained! The hour flies by with Molly completely enthralled. We leave feeling quite festive, with Molly summing up what she thinks of the performance…

“This is SO good, Mummy, isn’t it? The people are funny and a bit silly.”

robin 2

Highly recommended for the kiddies, from 3 – 11 years (although I have to say Henry seemed to love it too, judging by the look on his little face!) The quaint, family owned Courtyard Playhouse is also a performing arts training centre, with a host of fun workshops and classes for kids, teens and adults alike – check out the schedule here.  Don’t miss their Storytelling Winter Camp for 4-7 year olds, from 20th-23rd and 27th-30th of December.

I will definitely be taking Molly back to the theatre soon – in fact, she has demanded that I do. You can catch the next showing of The Improvised Tale of Robin Hood before Christmas on 18th December at 1pm & 3pm. 

Book your ticket for this and some of the Courtyard’s other fab shows here:


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