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The second child always has to settle for a few hand me downs, and one of those for little Henry has been Molly’s cot and mattress. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I never got around to cleaning it, so when the team from Healthy Home messaged to ask me if I’d ever had my kids’ mattresses sanitised, I gulped at the thought of what might be lurking in the fibres. And let’s face it, in the lovely dust bowl we live in, children here seem to pick up coughs and colds faster than you can sneeze. Along with being prone to things like asthma, allergies and eczema.


I have to say the team’s visit today was also like a breath of fresh air. We’ve been mopping up after Molly who has had a stomach bug for the last few days, so the thought of something actually being thoroughly cleaned was a god send! The service only took 30 minutes and in that time, they’d given the whole room a complete  overhaul – even Mr. Sheep didn’t escape.


To give you a little background, Healthy Home was set up by a Dubai based family after their 16 month old contracted mild asthma and allergies, due to dust and poor indoor air quality (not surprising given our frequent use of AC here). They work with a two step treatment, firstly using an industrial vacuum to suction the mattress and remove all the nasties, followed by their exclusive sanitation service.


Healthy Home also use medical grade sanitation technology and a UV light to destroy DNA (that’s the blue machine you see in the pictures). It zaps any food sources for dust mites, bed bugs and anything else you don’t really want to think might be occupying your child’s bed. They also steam clean toys, shelves and surfaces with regular tap water heated into dry steam at 180 degrees – it kills bacteria in less than a minute.

The only question I have left is – why did I not got this done long before now?!? Next step, our bed!! Check out Healthy Home’s website for more details or call 800 SANITIZE.

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