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Balancing Act

Springtime in Middle America, where Lisa lives, would lead you to believe Mother Nature is a bit off-kilter. One day it’s cold and rainy, the next day it’s hot and humid. And lately, this imbalance has even caused tornadic activity. At least that’s what they’re calling it in the news. Amidst all of this stormy weather, Lisa shares her thoughts on balance…

Even if you live in predictably sunny Dubai, perhaps you can relate to Mother Nature. I know I can. Sometimes the balancing act that is my life looks and feels more like severe weather…electric outbursts and pouring tears, interspersed with moments of quiet and calm, reminiscent of the lull after a Midwestern thunderstorm. Continue Reading


Fast forward

fast-forwardIt’s human nature to live life in the fast lane, always rushing full steam ahead! Cheryl asks, what can we do to take a break right here in the present? 

Not so long ago I found myself wishing for a day when I could just lie in bed, read, sleep, drink tea and be downright lazy. Well, they say be careful what you wish for, for indeed my wish did come true – but in the form of a rather nasty throat infection followed by a bout of bronchitis! One night I went to bed feeling ok and the next morning I woke up with the sensation I’d swallowed a drawer of cutlery for breakfast. For days I was on antibiotics and bed rest, and then following a week of recovery and feeling good, I contracted my daughter’s bronchitis and was back to square one again! Continue Reading


Green Eyes

green-eyesFrom from Cheryl’s Elephant Journal article: “A Post Baby Chat with my former Tight-Bodied Yogi-Self…”

I’ll step into the confessional box and say I’ve been judging my yoga in a big way lately, especially since the birth of my daughter.

Hey you, in your bikini pressing into handstand. Yes, you. Could you come back to earth for a moment?

I’d like a chat.

As I stand wiping weetabix out of my hair I can’t help but feel a pang of envy at your lack of muffin tops, dark circles or toddler-induced exhaustion. You are a small part of the reason why I’ve been feeling out of sorts in my yoga practice.

Continue Reading


Sunshiny East Meets Snowy West

As Dubai’s temperatures continue to rise, along with the notion of cranking up the AC again, the thought of freezing climates probably seem far off the radar. For Lisa, however, that’s the reality she’s been dealing with for the past few months. While in the Middle East, Dubai yogis roll out their mats on the beach or in the park, Lisa shares her insight into what winter across in the snowy Midwest has taught her about her practice… 

Spring is just around the corner. I’m sure of it. I saw a robin yesterday, and she told me so. But here in Kansas City, where I’m currently living, we’ve had a tough go of winter with big snows and near-Arctic temperatures; it snowed again just yesterday! Continue Reading


Unfinished business

unfinishedBusiness-a1It’s been a LONG time! This entry has also been a long time in the making. Yes, today comes to you inspired by the half drunk cup of tea, the cold end of toast discarded in the corner, the interrupted yoga practice and the fact that I’ve not updated my blog since March. That just about sums up my crazy life right now! Full of unfinished business…

Wow. Where did the last 14 months go? Molly is now a walking, baby talking, jolly wee lady with a big personality just waiting to blossom. The sleepless nights are just (a little) more few and far between and life is slowly taking on a new ‘normal.’ Continue Reading


What’s your yoga today?

“Pass me a yoga belt!” I cry at the husband. I’m lying on my yoga mat for the first time since giving birth to my beautiful daughter, Molly. I have snatched a few quiet moments just to touch base with my practice again. The thought process goes a little like this…

Can’t reach my toes without a belt! (Gasp!) Hamstrings screaming! (Shock horror!) Belly like jelly! (Where the hell is my core?!) Shoulders like the Tin Man (Gulp!) Back like a 90 year old (What the $%&£ happened to my wheel pose?!) Continue Reading


Big Belly Salute!

Countdown…39 weeks, 5 days. Only 2 days until my due date! If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I’ve been keeping up my yoga practice, adapting it of course for my growing belly! 

Before mini Parsons comes into the world, I wanted to share with you a pre-natal sun salutation that I have been using throughout my pregnancy. A big thank you to Jennifer Wolfe and her pre-natal teacher training for her inspiration and guidance. Continue Reading


A new chapter

If I ever wanted confirmation of what prana feels like, (that’s yoga speak for energy or life force) then I got that today. As I sat on my mat in front of 20 bodies resting in savasana for what will be the last time for many months, I can truly say I felt that buzz of amazing energy that is present within all of us. Ok, so you will have to forgive me for coming over all yogically sentimental today, but it is for good reason, so bear with me! This morning, I taught my last yoga class before I take some time off to prepare for the next chapter in my life…having my first baby. 

Tomorrow morning I head on holidays – one week at home, then two weeks in Cyprus…read: Baby Moon! After checking the hotel in advance for a large bed, extra pillows and provisions for small beached whales, we are good to go. Our last holiday as two, and before life changes immeasurably, but for the better. Continue Reading