Life Lessons

A Letter to my Crazies

May I never dampen your spirit.
May I embrace the daily chaos – welcome it all in.
Even if it drives me bat shit crazy.
May I sort out your clothes
Tossed forever just a foot from the basket –
If they even make it that far at all.

May I vow to pick up after you,
The crumpled crisp packet, end of slimy banana
That lollypop stick, sucked and enjoyed
Then tossed under the sofa, without a care in the world.
May I drop my shoulders, unclench my jaw.
Remember who you are –
Joyfully present, not bogged down by weightier things.

May I see no malice in the eyes that just want to play.
No deeper agenda in that little white lie,
It wasn’t me who ate the candy,
With dinner almost on the table.
May I relax into the little people you still are,
And vow to find peace in the naughtiness
Without taking it personally that you forgot to thank me again.

May I listen to you daily – even if you don’t always make sense.
May I help fight your dramas,
Or teach you how to hold your own.
May I delight in your carnage,
Remembering that one day I’ll sit quietly –
Wishing you’d wreck the house all over again.

May I hold you close, and enjoy these years
When we are all riding this roller coaster together.
The ups and downs, the bumps and turns,
The messy times, the tearful spells,
The days when we laugh until our bellies hurt.
May I hold space for all that you are –
And all that you are turning out to be.

Love Mum xxx

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